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Garden Consultations

Need planting advice?

If you need advice on what to plant and where, or if you have problem areas in your garden, our expert consultant can visit you on site and give you tailored advice to suit your needs.

Want a custom-designed solution?

If you have a new home or want a complete garden overhaul, our experienced landscape designer is here to help.

Planting a flower

Tailored garden advice

Don’t know where or what to plant? Having trouble with an area of your garden?

Our resident garden consultant Renee Gilmour will visit you on site and provide you with a report tailored to your needs and an optional plant quotation. She is happy to advise on the full range of gardens, from bare land to an untamed backyard.

Renee has 29 years of experience in the horticulture industry. With a hands-on approach and a vast practical knowledge, Renee enjoys helping our customers create their own piece of paradise.

In addition, Renee is either able to draw up an easy to follow planting plan or she could even come and get her hands dirty by helping directly with the installing and placing of plants in person for an additional cost.

Garden consultation
Fee payable in advance
Planting plan
Fee payable in advance
Planting assistance
Fee payable in advance

Custom garden design

Our premier full garden design service is perfect for those with new homes or who want a complete garden overhaul.

We are proud to work closely with Yolande Kjestrup of Yo Designs – The Green Room, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. She combines her creative flair with an extensive plant knowledge to produce beautiful hand-drawn designs that are customised to individual needs.

Every package includes a detailed working plan of the finished garden, including perspective drawings; a planting plan with the number of plants required, their botanical names and care and maintenance tips.

Have you always wanted a professionally designed garden to call your own? Get in touch with Yo at The Garden Depot Napier today.

Or visit Yo’s Website: www.yodesigns.co.nz

Summer Garden

Custom garden design